Pi Engine v2.3.0 Release

xoops-pi-engine-01Pi Engine is a free role oriented application development engine for web and mobile based on Zend Framework 2.

The Pi Team is pleased to present Pi Engine 2.3.0 as a major release since its public release, focused on user oriented architecture, feature and API building.

Get the Pi 2.3.0 Release and report issues and requests to Pi Issue Tracker.

What’s new in Pi Engine v2.3.0

Selected major features:

– Primary modules available: article, comment, message, tag, user

– User system implemented with features:

  • Extensible user profile field definition
  • Configurable user profile page
  • Configurable user data aggregator for user profile and activity feed
  • Per-user per-field profile privacy control
  • Cross-module user profile definition and data write
  • Extensible multi-mode for user profile access: local, client
  • Extensible multi-mode for avatar: local, select, gravatar, upload
  • Extensible multi-mode authentication: local, SSO
  • Built-in user data storage

– Comment service

  • On-demand implementation on modules with multi-categories
  • Auto-locator for target resources
  • Support for JavaScript load of leading page

– Extensible and customizable architecture

  • Module mechanism for functionality extensibility
  • Custom i18n, config, templates and classes for user-land customization

– Preliminary Open API protocol and implementations

– Gettext as i18n solution friendly to translators

– AngularJS as front-end solution

Check out changelog for details.


Checkout Pi development manual and tutorials at Github wiki and APIs and class charts at Pi API.

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