Question2Answer v1.6.3 Release Notes

question2answer-logo-01Question2Answer (Q2A) is a popular open source Q&A platform for PHP/MySQL, currently running on more than 11,000 sites in 40 languages.

Six month after the previous version, v1.6.3 has been released.

Changes and fixed issues

Here are more minor bug fixes and interface tweaks in this version:

– Applied word censoring to the contents of wall posts sent out in email notifications.

– Applied word censoring to the titles of items in search results.

– Applied word censoring when showing tags in the tag cloud widget.

– Fixed WordPress integration (and sample external user integration code) to work with any Q2A URL structure.

– Only show category links on Unanswered page if QA_ALLOW_UNINDEXED_QUERIES is set to true.

– Prevented blocked users from changing their user profile.

– Allowed custom pages to be saved and viewed directly in a single click.

– Combined sub-navigation for user profile and account/favorites pages.

– Allowed any wall post (beyond the first page) to be deleted.

– Excluded ( ) [ ] brackets when automatically detecting URLs.

– Allowed changes of category to be performed as a silent edit.

– Fixed PHP warning on several different pages if all extra user fields are removed.

– Added an indication if a user is blocked on their account page.

– Added user email confirmation status to the admin page for moderating user registrations.

– Show maximum rate for wall posts and private messages in admin panel in all appropriate cases.

– Fixed PHP warning on ask page if tags are not being used on a Q2A site.

– Filtered out <FORM> tags from being displayed in the content of posts.

– Stopped sending passwords out in user registration emails.

– Send the direct link for a comment (instead of its parent) in notification emails regarding comments.

– Excluded irrelevant tables when calculating database size for admin/stats page.

– Excluded closed questions from listings on the ‘Unanswered’ page.

– Increment the counters which limit rate of posting when posts are queued, not approved.

– Ensured that no category can be specified when asking a question, if admin permits this.

– Fixed bug in ‘queued’ parameter passed to filter modules when determining whether a new post has to be moderated.

– Fixed several minor issues in the Snow theme.

– Improved behavior of WYSIWYG editor in non-Javascript or Android browsers.

– Fixed recalculation of user points when using external user integration with textual userids.


Upgrading to this version is recommended. You are free to download and install Question2Answer from this link:

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