WordPress v3.7 Goes Stable

wp-badgeWordPress team announced new version 3.7 of the popular CMS, named for Count Basie.

What’s new in WordPress 3.7

Background Updates

  • Automatic updates for maintenance and security updates.
  • Daily updates for developers using nightly builds.

Stronger Password Meter
New password meter to encourage users to choose stronger passwords.

Improved Search
More relevant search results.

Better Global Support

  • Localized versions will receive faster and more complete translations.
  • Background updates will include translations

There are also many other improvements under the hood.

Fixed bugs

  • Fix terms with a post count of 0 returning if ‘hide_empty’ is true.
  • Fix allowing https URL enclosures
  • Fixed bug with is_day by checking bad dates and redirect, instead of 404ing.
  • Avoid using the *_exists() functionality on ncFTPd servers
  • Allow a WP_Error return from register_new_user()
  • Hide the custom header image preview unless an image is set
  • Add signup_id primary key to $wpdb->signups
  • Fix issue with deleting terms shared across taxonomies from deleting associated nav menus
  • Cast $labels to array in get_taxonomy_labels() and _get_custom_object_labels() to avoid failure
  • Correct rewrite tag for hierarchical post types without a query_var.

All closed issue are here: http://trac.wordpress.org/query?status=closed&milestone=3.7


We encourage you to download, install and test new version.

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